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Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find...


1 November
I'm a Girl by all standards other than Biology. I've lately come to realize that I am also Bisexual. Other than that I have a fanatical obessions with the film industry and hope to make it one day as a director/screenwriter.

anime, anything pink, art films, artists, bathing suits, beauty, being a slut, being bitchy, being bitten, being called a slut, being girly, being nice, being slutty, being submissive, bikini's, bisexual, bisexual girls, bisexuality, bisexuals, biting, blondes, books, boyfriends, boys, brains, breasts, brunettes, candy, cheerleader skirts, cheerleading, chick flicks, clinique, comics, computers, cosmetics, covergirl, curly hair, demonalissa, dvds, electronics, equality, ethical slut, ethical sluts, eye make up, eyeliner, eyeshadow, fashion, femme, flirting, gay, gay marriage, geekiness, geeking (out)?, geeks, gender, gender theory, girls, glbtq, guys, hair, hair dye, high heels, homosexual, hormones, horror, horror movies, hot gurls, hot guys, hugging, human rights, kinkyness, kissing, lace, lesbians, lgbt, lip smackers, lipgloss, lipstick lesbians, love, love at first site, low-rise jeans, m2f, make-up, makeup, making out, mall, mini skirts, miniskirts, monogamy, movies, mp3s, mtf, nails, no labels, non-monogamy, open relationship, open relationships, pansexual, panties, partner, partners, partying, piercings, pink, politics, polyamorous, post-op, posters, pre-op, pride, push-up bra's, queer, queer issues, queer theory, questioning society, redheads, relationships, remixing music, revealing clothing, roleplaying, rpgs, sci-fi, sex, shoes, shopping, short skirts, skimpy underwear, sleeping, slut, sluthood, sluts, straightening my hair, strawberry shortcake, sub, surgery, talking to friends, the gamer house, thongs, tight jeans, tight tops, trans, trans news, trans politics, transgender, transgendered, transgenderism, transsexual, video games, writers, zines